Below are some of the frequently asked questions.

What services are offered by Student Move & Store?

Based in Canterbury, SMS has over 20 years experience in storage and transport services to International/UK students while they are studying and moving within the UK.

The aim is to provide a friendly and reliable service to all students with care, courtesy and flexibility being the key to developing excellent relationships with our customers.

This includes:

  • Packaging supplies: FREE DELIVERY within 24-48 hours on orders for boxes, tape and bubble wrap to your accommodation on campus/within Canterbury. Even for one box!
  • Transport of belongings: to/from accommodation across campus and Canterbury housing, storage and other UK universities.
  • Storage of belongings: One night, short term and long term storage. Covering holidays, internships, delayed access to new accommodation during cleaning/redecoration etc. Storage Exclusions: perishables, illegal items and inflammable substances.

Are my things covered by Insurance in the event of loss or damage?

Insurance is included for Goods in Transit and separately for all risks in store up to a total value of £500. For insurance of articles above this value an additional premium will be payable. Please ask for current rates.

Where will my things be stored?

Student Move & Store (Steven Brazier Transport) operates secure storage services for students at Lock & Leave, Marsh Wood  Close Canterbury CT1 1DX.

What happens on collection day for storage of my things?

Please ask if you have any questions regarding the packing, transport or storage of your belongings.

  1. You will receive a call to your mobile within 30 minutes of the vehicle arriving at your accommodation. Please ensure everything is suitably protected and packed in suitcases, holdalls, cases, boxes, crates, plastic chests…or any other strong container. Surplus removal boxes supplied by SMS may be returned in clean, unused condition for refund by cash.
  2. To avoid the risk of injury to a handler or damage to belongings, it is important that no individual container exceeds a packed weight of 20 Kg.  For any extra heavy items over 20 Kg, please ask for advice before collection day. Time lost for repacking to redistribute weight or to secure inadequately protected belongings may delay arrival at the next student booking and possibly require rescheduling of your collection, subject to availability.
  3. The storage term and one-way storage charge will be finalised and payment requested. A receipted Invoice/Agreement reference will be given to you. You will be required to sign for the release of your belongings to storage. Payment for outward transport from storage to the next campus/Canterbury address or other UK destination will not be due until belongings are returned.
  4. The containers are tagged/ marked as appropriate with Student name and Storage Agreement reference number before transfer to the vehicle and to store.PLEASE NOTE THAT PRECISE TIME COLLECTIONS/DELIVERIES CAN NOT BE UNDERTAKEN.Delays do occur in the handling, transport and service provision when transferring student belongings but every effort will be made to adhere to approximate times when given.

Will it be ok for a friend to hand over my things to storage and/or accept delivery of my things after the holiday?

Yes. In your absence arrangements can be made for hand over of your belongings and will include your provision of the friend’s name and mobile number. The friend will be required to show full identification including a contact address.  A password will be given to you for your friend to quote on collection/return of your belongings. This may be arranged in advance when completing the Student Storage Agreement. If arranged after the transfer of belongings to storage, it will be necessary for you to email your authority and full contact details of your friend to SMS for the transaction to be conducted on your behalf. Payment for transport/storage will remain due at the time of service on the day of collection/delivery and is the responsibility of the owner of the belongings.

Can I add to or remove items held in storage?

Yes, space permitting for any extra items. If extra storage space will be required the storage charge may alter. The inventory on the storage agreement will need to be annotated with any change to the listed items and initialled by you or your representative. Every effort is made to assist students with delivery or recovery of stored items. A student’s packed Passport sent in error to the store before leaving for the holiday is the most memorable one …and this was retrieved just before she departed to catch her train to the airport!

Own delivery to store/collection from store.

This occurs when a student has alternative transport for their belongings or can not be included on the day’s collection schedule due to late booking.

By arrangement and on arrival at the store, the student will be able to deposit their containers in a designated ‘holding area’ pending transfer to store. Please leave on top of one container a copy list of your containers together with your name, mobile number and email address. Please also see (16) with reference to packing and weight limit. It remains your responsibility to ensure your belongings are suitably protected and contained.

Payment arrangement will be set up online.

When do I arrange for redelivery of my belongings to the new address of my accommodation?

To secure your booking of transport for belongings in September, it is always best to book early! A good time is usually as soon as you have a confirmed return flight date to the UK. Later bookings will be accepted whenever possible, subject to availability. Please email your booking quoting your storage agreement reference, together with your new address if known. The booking will be confirmed to you. For graduates moving belongings to other UK universities, early booking is especially important at this busy time.

Please note that all transport services are priced for a one-way journey. Any outstanding storage charges and the redelivery from storage charge will be due for payment when you sign for return of your belongings.

What will happen if I do not arrange for extension to my current storage term?

  1. The 1st day after the end date of your agreed storage term, an email will be sent to advise you that the storage period has finished and that a further arrangement will be required to continue storage. A reply will be requested within 7 days.
  2. Should 7 days lapse without contact from yourself, nominated 3rd party or next of kin to arrange payment of additional storage charges/ re-delivery/collection, a final email will be sent giving notice that unless payment is received for the unauthorized extension to storage of your belongings and before the 28th day after the agreed storage end date all items will be removed for disposal. You may then request the balance of, if any, proceeds received by SMS for disposal of belongings after deduction of storage and disposal costs incurred. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Can I extend my storage term?

Yes. This can be arranged at any time up to the final day of your current storage term:


Additional storage terms not exceeding 4 weeks: Payment due on date belongings are received.

Extended storage of more than 4 weeks and for any duration:

Payment is due on date of agreement for additional storage period.


Any arrangement for additional/extended storage periods must be requested by email. This will be confirmed by email.

Can I book services at the last minute if my plans change?

All services are of course offered subject to availability. Your plans change and so do schedules. You will be offered an option if at all possible. Please remember it is always recommended to book early for departures approaching the end of term which is the busiest student moving time and also for September returns.

Can I obtain a refund if I no longer need to store to the agreed storage end date?

Yes. Students’ plans change in respect of travel dates, accommodation, destination and personal reasons.

Refunds will be given for any period of unused storage, in complete weeks.  Repayment will be by cash when belongings are returned. The above is subject to payment of the agreed term and the minimum period of 4 weeks of storage charges.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes. Orders for boxes etc. may be cancelled at any time or can be changed on delivery if your needs are different.

Cancellation or amendment of transport/storage arrangements is accepted. In order to release time and services to other students, please confirm cancellation by text/email at least 24 hrs before booked date.

What are the payment methods?

Payment may be made by cash, debit card or bank transfer on the day of service. Deposits are not required for any services provided.

Payment for one-way transport and agreed storage terms is made on the day belongings are transferred to store.

What information will I need to give when booking?

For delivery/transport only requirements, the basic contact information will be requested. Additional address, identification and next of kin information will be needed for storage of belongings. .No contact details are passed to third parties with the exception of the Police and emergency services if required to do so.

How do I book transport and storage services?

Via website: www.sb-transport.co.uk
Email: sbtransport@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile number: 07788501998
Telephone: 01227272170
You will receive an email confirmation or phone call should there be any query about your booking.

What packaging is available?

Large box: 45x45x45cm for general belongings.
Small box: 45x30x30 cm ideal for books, files, stationery, dvd’s.
Bubble wrap: 5 metre roll x 60 cm width

Order online/mobile/email: delivery 24-48 hours.
Most students order boxes for FREE DELIVERY about 1-2 weeks before their departure date to allow time for packing between exams.

When are the operating times for the SMS services?

For enquiries, bookings and service:


8 am to 6 pm – 7 days per week.

Phone 01227272170

Mobile 07788501998