2020 Student Move & Store

Service update re: COVID-19, 22nd April 2020 

Student Move & Store collection of belongings for transport to UK addresses or storage is currently ongoing subject to any restrictions to loading access placed by the University of Kent Campus Security. 

Situation 1 Students who remain in their current campus accommodation Collection of packed belongings will be from outside of a student’s room. A call will be made to the student prior to arrival to ensure social distancing requirements are strictly observed during loading. 

Situation 2 Students who have vacated their rooms and left the university Campus Security will permit access to accommodation by Student Move & Store following government relaxation of the current lockdown. This limited service will be subject to availability at time of booking. 

Contact and service information 

  • Email: sbtransport@hotmail.co.uk for information or guidance 
  • Mobile: 07788501998 for prompt attention 
  • Service 8am – 6pm 7 days through the main student moving season 1st May to 30th September. Please see below for packing service procedure. 

Student booking information required by email 

  • Name and contact mobile number 
  • Preferred packing /transfer to store date 
  • 3rd party contact person’s name, mobile number and email address 
  • Campus accommodation address in full 

Packing service for Situation 2 

1) Within the email booking please include the following: 

  • Authorisation statement permitting access to accommodation for the purpose of packing/removal/storage of personal belongings 
  • A statement that ‘No valuable, perishable, flammable or illegal items are to be packed for transport or storage’. Insurance provided covers loss, damage, theft of student’s personal possessions excluding specific items above. 

2) The charge for providing packing services will be £50-£100 for each student subject to the time required to complete packing. Access to accommodation in advance to assess/quote packing charge would not be possible. The charge guide for packing is separate to collection handling/transport/storage services. The 2020 Student Move & Store Service Guide, available on request, clarifies the range of services and transport/storage charges. 

3) Students would need to email Campus Security to authorise Steven Brazier to access their room for the purpose of packing personal belongings for removal/storage as required. Copy of student’s email should also be sent to sbtransport@hotmail.co.uk to confirm the arrangements are in place for Student Move & Store to proceed. 

4) Steven Brazier will liaise with Campus Security at least 24 hours in advance for access to accommodation. 

5) Steven Brazier Transport will provide ongoing guidance and service support to students regarding future 

redelivery, storage arrangements and payment. 

The above guide can be subject to immediate change in line with UK Government and/or Campus Security policy. 

For further information please contact Steven Brazier Transport directly.